40 Days to Change Your Life!

40 day Sadhana

Can You Do It?

If you could improve your life in just 20 minutes a day, would you do it?

Sadhana gives You the Power to Program a Better Tomorrow!

In Just 40 Days You Could:

  • Lower your Stress!
  • Improve Your anxiety!
  • Get better sleep!
  • Feel better physically!
Nothing else…just 20 minutes a day for 40 days…

Take this 40 day challenge and see the changes it makes for you!

Plus, what do you have to lose? It’ doesn’t cost you anything.

What is Sadhana

Sadhana is a daily practice of being present. Releasing the ego and surrendering. 

It’s anything practiced with awareness. Meditation, chanting, or other  yoga practices that are performed daily to bring enlightenment and growth. 

Many use it for a connection to God or the Universal Energies. Encouraging self discipline of the mind to stabilize the ego. Realigning yourself to your higher self, unfolding universal oneness.

Are you ready to open up to the Ultimate Expression of Consciousness?

Happy student sadhana
Sadhana Man
40 days of Sadhana

But What if...

“I Can’t Meditate? I have tried before and it just doesn’t work for me.”

No worries, I walk you through the whole thing. The secret to meditation is practicing. Anyone can meditate with practice. Don’t worry I show you how. We all start somewhere.

“I’m super busy. I don’t have any time for me?”

I hear this a lot. This is why it’s just 20 minutes at the end of the day. A time to let go and give your mind and body a chance to transition to peace, happiness, and restfulness.

You’re worth it!

“Oh No! I missed a day?”

As you practice you won’t want to miss one day. But, if you do miss one, it’s ok, it happens. 

You can always practice on your own when the time is right. We actually recommend practicing a few times a day, any time of day.

Don’t worry…this is a time for you. A time to RECHARGE, RELAX, and LET GO! 

I got you, and I will be here every step of the way. No experience is necessary.

What to Expect

class meditation


Laying down or in a seated position where you will be comfortable is the best. Feel free to have a blanket too.

Virtual Yoga


We suggest cameras are on and during our 20 minutes you are muted so others aren't disturbed. You will have time after the 20 mins to ask questions if you want.

After Your 40 Days

You can join other Sadhana's we offer (also free), or practice on your own. When you feel improved mental and physical health and get great rest you quickly realize this is deep selfcare.

Namaste Yoga

Hi, I'm Jessica...

To ease any hesitation or to just see who I am. I’m real. This is me, on my front porch. 

But you see how I’m a little cricked, one leg doesn’t even go down all the way…we are all human. Come as you are. Life is a journey and so is mastering it.

I used to not be able to sit still, riddled with anxiety.  If I wasn’t skipping sleep, I slept very little. Rushing and running around trying to keep up with society and juggle all the things. I was in a race with myself to achieve a life I didn’t want, once I had it.

Meditation was a waste of time to me (and time I didn’t have). When I would try it, I struggled and gave up after a few tries. I didn’t understand it.

With guidance I learned this was a magical practice that I was starving for and needed desperately. Let me help you to joy, calmness, and a new way to life.